Village Energy is planning an 'EV Show' to coincide with the biggest one-day street fair in the country.

The Carlsbad Village Street Fair will draw an estimated 100,000 visitors to this beautiful beach town in Southern California on May 4, 2003.

Invited are EV manufacturers, exhibitors, clubs, journalists, etc.,  gathering for the first ever Carlsbad EV Show.

Please contact us Dave Cutter if you are interested in sponsoring this event or if you want to reserve a booth in the special show area.

If you want 'the world' to know about you and/or the products you sell; Carlsbad, (the Village by the Sea), is the place to be on May 4th this year.

Contact Dave Cutter for Details About the Carlsbad EV Show

300-108A Carlsbad Village Drive #237, Carlsbad, California, 92008-2999, US
phone:  (760) 729-8075  fax:  (240) 337-8567