Wayland Invitational IV
electric drag racing EVent

July 24-25. 2009



The 4th Annual Wayland Invitational was held this last weekend,July 24-25th of July at the Portland OR International Raceway. It was also hosted by NEDRA, National Electric Drag Racing Assoc. Around 20 Electric Vehicles entered the competition from Alaska to California and Colorado. Competition often pitted an electric dragster against a noisy gas guzzler. Three Teslas from Seattle performed very well for the first time on a drag strip well as a Tesla from Portland and usually beat their gas driven counterpart.  Bill Dube and his Killacycle, made it into the 8 seconds and 150plus mph.  The Teslas were usually in the low 13's or high 12 seconds in the quarter mile. John Wayland's White Zombie beat a Tesla in the one of the first Rounds. Rick Woodbury's Tango performed well and bet some electrics. A record crowed showed up both nights, including Discovery Channel and local media to cover this greatest electric dragracing EVent ever for future news and special programs. Stay tuned to Electrifying Times for more detailed stories, complete list of entrants and their times. Bruce Meland,  Editor-Publisher