The On-Going Webb-Gem "EV Burned My House Down" Saga continues...

The news so far:

The 7/30/2002 Tuesday morning New York Post Page Six article:


More in Friday's Page Six:

The 8/5/2002 EVworld article series by Josh Landess
"Not a single professional I queried, at NHTSA, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), the National Fire Academy, the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas or the California Fire Marshall's Office was able to report they'd heard about any recent trend toward EV, HEV or NEV fires."
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GEMCar is a DaimlerChrysler company, and they assigned Max Gates of their Media Relations Group to take questions on the incident. "We have gone through our files looking for any other reports of fires relating either to use or charging of GEMs, and haven't found anything. This is the first case of this type we've heard of... Unfortunately, the NHTSA apparently doesn't track fires unless they're related to traffic accidents, traffic collisions... We don't have anything in our records to indicate there's ever been a previous incident like this." 

The Veronica Webb - Diane Sawyer interview:

Thoughts on this from Dave Goldstein President, EVA/DC

Jim Motavalli's Wheels Column - Burning Down The House

Veronica Webb interviewed on Black Entertainment Television - August 7th

The February 17, 2000 GM EV-1 Fire & Recall - Phil Karn report

Recent Large Scale Vandalism of NEVs in Key West

Everybody has made fun of this from Howard Stern to Rush Limbaugh. It's like something right out of The Osbournes! Except the dog died. But it's not so funny to the EV community. So far it's been a "he said-she said" between PAGE SIX's Ian Spiegelman's journalistic license, someone on the Key West Fire Department speaking out-of-school and Veronica Webb's wild emotions about her loss. GEM is still investigating the fire and has promised full disclosure. As of this typing no detailed press release has been issued yet but GEM is cooperating with Electrifying Times gathering information. Other than GEM, nobody from the EV press has been able to reach Ms Webb or her husband for a more educated line of questioning, leaving uninformed TV anchors to do our job. Trust us, if these GEM fires were common place, as some fireman is quoted saying to Ms. Webb's husband, Electrifying Times would have heard about them by now. There are hundreds of thousands of NEVs servicing theme parks, movie studios, military bases, golf courses and gated communities all over the world. If this was a serious concern, it would be the talk of the entire EV industry. This fire was an isolated incident and our wish is for this disparaging comment to be cleared up, and not perpetuated ad nauseum by an ev-unfriendly Oiligarchy media insidiously milking the moment.

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