WB's TV Comedy "THE ARMY SHOW" Zaps viewer.Last year John Laroquette drove a small EV on his sitcom. It was cancelled before they could send us a photo! Not so with the "ARMY SHOW", a goofy blend of Gomer Pyle, McHales's Navy & M.A.S.H. It's funny! The new ZAPPY stand-up electric scooter from Sebastopol, CA-based ZAP Power Systems, has landed on a hit show! With the "real" Army paying so much attention to EV technology with the Hybrid Humvee, it was only a matter of time before EVs crept into the script.   The company had offered use of ZAPPY scooters to Warner Bros Studios as part of its effort to gain exposure. Next thing you know the writers of the ARMY SHOW gave it air time. Characters on the show use it to deliver mail around the office or simply fool around. Actors John Sencio, Victor Togunde & Toby Huss are seen riding it. Victor Togunde bought his own ZAPPY in real life. "Ever since I got my Zappy, it's been nothing but fun," says Togunde who plays Ozzie on the show, "It makes it easier to travel around the lot."   The Zappy looks and rides like a skateboard. It can reach speeds of 13 miles-per-hour. It can be folded for easy storage and uses a portable 110 volt charger. Contact: ZAP Power Systems, phone 800-251-4555, website http://www.zapbikes.com The ARMY SHOW can be seen on the WB Sundays at 9:30 PM. For more info on EVs in Hollywood contact the Earth Communications Office ecoffice@earthlink.net